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How to get Pokemon onto your Ti-84

How to get Pokemon Blue onto your TI-83/84.

1. Connect your Ti-84 to your computer with the cable that was included when you bought the calculator.

2. If your calculator came with a disk, insert it and install the TI Connect software, or go to the site and install it.

3. Run your TI Connect software. Hit TI Device Info to make sure the calculator was connected properly.

4. Go to http://www.ticalc.org/pub/83plus/basic/games/rpg/pokemon/pokemonblue.zip and download the game file.

5. Unzip the file you just downloaded.

6. Go to the directory you just unzipped the file to.

7. Double click PKMNBLUE.8xg to view the files it contains.

8. Highlight all the files, then right click, and hit Send to TI Device…

9. Up at the top left make sure it says Sending to and then the type of calculator you have(e.g Sending to TI-84 Plus)

10. In the “Send to TI Device” window, highlight all the files.

11. On the right of the window, select “Set to RAM”

12. Hit the “Send to Device” button along the bottom of the window.

13. Go back to the original folder you unzipped, and select the PKMNBLUE.8xg, ZM.8xp, ZTOWN.8xp, and ZPF.8xp files. Right click them and select Send to TI Device…

14. Highlight all the files, and on the right of the window, select “Set to Archive”

15. Hit the “Send to Device” button along the bottom of the window.

16. If you encounter any messages asking about overwriting files, select overwrite.

17. If you did everything right, you should now be able to play Pokemon on your calculator, although I warn you the game was disapointing, because of it’s total lack of any pictures really.

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