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Game Mechanics

Basic Mechanics

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  • Eat blobs smaller than you (duh). Every time you eat a blob, you get bigger in size.
  • Smaller blobs move faster than larger blobs.
  • When you press the space bar, you can split send 50% of your mass flying at a blob to eat it.
  • Use the W key to eject some mass in the direction you were moving. You can do this to increase the speed of your blob or to feed a virus.
  • You must be 25% larger than another blob to eat it.
  • Every blob loses mass passively with time. The larger you are, the more mass you lose.
  • Your score corresponds to the largest you have been in your current life.
  • You can split into a maximum of 16 blobs.
  • 22,500 is the current maximum size of a single blob. You can get a larger score than 22,500 if you split and the sum of all of your blobs totals more than 22,500. However, once your blob combines again, the size of your blob will go back to 22,500.



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  • Viruses are green ‘spikey’ blobs that cause blobs larger than them to explode into many smaller parts if they touch them. At around 150 mass, you will explode if you touch a virus.
  • Blobs smaller than size 130 can hide inside of viruses without exploding. You can use this defensively if being chased by a larger blob.
  • If you press w into a virus, you can feed the virus. When a virus is fed 7 times, you will create a new virus in the direction you were feeding it. You can use this offensively to split a larger blob into many smaller parts.
  • If someone is trying to feed a virus into you, you can react by feeding the virus back in their direction. Not only will this prevent your own blob from getting hit by a virus, it will cause your opponent to split up into many pieces, which you can then absorb.

Other Mechanics

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  • When you reach a certain size, you can unlock the ability to display the mass of your blob in game. Simply press the tool bar next to Play and select show mass. This will show you how big your blob is in game and you will be able to see how much mass you are losing passively.


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